Improve your retirement readiness by taking control of your investments.

Ohio Deferred Compensation has developed hassle-free and hands-on approaches to investing for retirement: LifePath Portfolios and Asset Allocation Models.

Hassle-Free LifePath Portfolios

With a LifePath Portfolio, you get a straightforward, complete asset-allocation strategy that becomes more conservative over time. Each Portfolio is designed to be a single investment choice for your account.

Most people choose a target date near the year they plan to begin making withdrawals. However, you are free to choose a target date that matches your desired asset allocation and level of risk.

Hands-On Asset Allocation Models

If you like to make your own investment decisions, our models have been developed to meet the needs of investors ranging from conservative to aggressive. Your investment style is based on several factors, including:

  • Investment time horizon
  • Savings goals
  • Tolerance for risk

Just visit the "Resources" section of our website at and view our Tools & Calculators link to find the Asset Allocation Tool. Answer a few questions and the Calculator will suggest a portfolio model, or you may select any model you desire. Then, you choose funds from the Program’s investment menu to match the model.

Not sure how to choose?

Call 877-644-6457 to talk with an Account Executive. We’re here to help you improve your retirement readiness.

Investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal. No investment strategy, Calculator or program can guarantee a profit or avoid loss. Actual results will vary depending on your investment and market experience. Like other funds, target date portfolios are subject to market risk and loss. Loss of principal can occur at any time, including before, at or after the target date. There is no guarantee that target date portfolios will provide enough income for retirement. Account Executives are Registered Representatives of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA.

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