LifePath 2020 Reaches Its Target Date

LifePath Portfolios combine a blend of stocks, bonds, and other investments that seek to produce competitive returns over a set period of time. Each Portfolio changes its investment mix gradually to become more conservative as it approaches its target date. The principal value of the fund(s) is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

When a LifePath Portfolio reaches the year identified in the portfolio’s name—its “target date”—it is transitioned into the LifePath Retirement Portfolio. On October 4, 2019, participants invested in the LifePath 2020 Portfolio will be moved to the LifePath Retirement Portfolio. Participants affected by this change will receive a letter detailing the changes in their account. No action is required by participants.

Exchange Deadline
To help process the required fund exchanges, participants invested in this fund should make any of their own planned exchange requests before 4 p.m. ET on October 3.

LifePath 2060 Added
Since the LifePath 2020 Portfolio will no longer be available, the LifePath 2060 Portfolio will be added to our fund line-up during this transition on October 4. The LifePath Portfolios are designed to provide diversification and asset allocation across several types of investments and asset classes. The use of an asset allocation model does not guarantee returns or insulate you from potential losses, including at the target date. For more information about LifePath Portfolios, visit

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