Your Life in Retirement – MISSION POSSIBLE

Everyone has their own vision of retirement, and Ohio Deferred Compensation offers you easy ways to plan and save.

Stay active

Just like walking, stretching or strength training is an important part of staying in shape, the SMarT plan is a great way to keep your retirement savings healthy.

Plan for risks

Retirement can be a time that puts greater stress on your money if you haven’t planned for variable essentials, such as health care expenses. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and AARP Health Medicare Resource Center, health care in retirement can make up 15-20% of your overall budget. Let’s build a plan and try to keep these expenses from cutting into your budget for fun.

Try the annual savings increase with the SMarT Plan.

Just a small increase each year to your deferral amount can add up and can help close some of the potential gaps in your retirement savings. Let’s make your vision of retirement – MISSION POSSIBLE!

To learn more about giving your savings a boost and preparing for health care expenses, visit or call our Service Center to speak with an Account Executive at 877-644-6457.

Account Executives are Registered Representatives of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA.

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